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Pharmacists with DBS checks visit vulnerable patients in their own homes to perform targeted MURs. Interventions are based on the likelihood of avoided hospital admissions using an adapted RIO scoring system, and cost avoidance calculated.
 The aims of the Domiciliary MUR service are:

  1. to establish the patient’s actual use, understanding, beliefs and experience of taking drugs;
  2. identifying, discussing and assisting in the resolution of poor or ineffective use of drugs by the patient;
  3. identifying side effects and drug interactions that may affect patient’s compliance with the instructions given by a health care professional for the taking of drugs; and improving the clinical and cost effectiveness of drugs prescribed to patients thereby reducing the wastage of such drugs.
  4. to identify any issues the patient has in accessing their medicines – ordering and collecting prescriptions and collecting medicines and to put in place support to address these
  5. to identify any physical issues that the patient may have that impact on their ability to take their medicines and how to minimise these by changing either formulation, packaging or labelling, or provision of an aid such as an eye drop dispenser or spacer
  6. to assess any compliance aids currently used by the patient to help them to remember to take their medicines and to identify and provide any support to assist with this such as reminder charts, medicine administration records

A pilot for this service started in December 2012 with funding from the LA Reablement/Better Care Fund.

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Croydon LPC


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Domiciliary care

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Start date: 01/12/2012
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