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This service can be provided to female clients aged 13 to 24 (inclusive) requesting emergency hormonal contraception. This service must be provided in line with the criteria specified by the Patient Group Direction.
If appropriate, the pharmacist will supply Levonelle 1500 or ellaOne.

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Camden & Islington LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Emergency hormonal contraception

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  • Has successfully completed the CPPE PGD e-learning programme or can provide evidence that they have achieved the competency levels specified in the NICE Competency Framework for Health Professionals using PGDs:;
  • Can satisfy the requirements of self-declaration of qualifications and competence to deliver emergency contraceptive services according to the CPPE Programme for emergency hormonal contraception and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults; OR
  • Can provide evidence of competencies achieved through other local face-to-face training which delivers the equivalent knowledge.