Services Database Emergency Supply Service 2014-15

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This service could only be provided during the out of hour’s period (when GP practices are closed).

The pharmacist at the request of a patient assessed whether there was an urgent need for their medicine, in circumstances where it is impracticable for the patient to obtain a prescription before the next dose is due.

If an emergency supply is necessary, the pharmacist could make a supply, in accordance with the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 maintaining a record of the supply and labelling the container appropriately. For the purposes of this service, the local Area Team agreement was that the pharmacist would supply a maximum of up to 14 days medication to the patient.

A record of the supply was additionally made using the Emergency Supply Service Record Form provided by the commissioner. A record of the supply was sent to the patient’s general practitioner.

Location of service

Rotherham LPC


NHS England

Method of commissioning

NHS Enhanced service (AT)

Source of funding

NHS England

Service type

Emergency supply NHS service

Other organisations involved


Start date: 24/12/2014
End date: 05/01/2015




The pharmacy contractor had a duty to ensure that pharmacists involved in the provision of the service had relevant knowledge and were appropriately trained in the operation of the service.