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The Enabling Patient health Improvements though COPD medicines optimisation (EPIC) project aims to improve patient’s ability to manage their own chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through greater understanding of COPD and its treatment, increase the use of self-care management plans, and ensure that they are able to use their COPD treatment effectively and correctly.

The EPIC project targets high risk COPD patients at 14 practices in Pudsey, Armley and Bramley within the Leeds West CCG over a period of 4 months.

Eligible patients  receive two consultations, eight weeks apart with a suitably trained pharmacist / pharmacy technician. The consultations will include smoking status and cessation advice, assessment and teaching of inhaler technique, explanation of medicines, monitoring of COPD, lifestyle advice and self-care advice and education (including exacerbations).

This service can be offered alongside a Medicines Use Review (MUR) if appropriate. The service can also be provided as a stand-alone service.

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West Yorkshire LPC


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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Attendance at the EPIC training event which covers:

  • overview of the EPIC pharmacy service;
  • leeds COPD algorithm;
  • inhaler devices and technique;
  • COPD review based on the EPIC service; and 
  • use of high dose inhaled corticosteroid warning cards

The CPPE Declaration of Competence self-assessment and declaration statement for Improving Inhaler Technique must be completed.


This service is available in the Leeds area only.