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A head lice service that allows pharmacists to supply treatment free of charge for patients exempt from NHS prescription charges.

Patients who present asking for head lice treatment for themselves or their family/household will be asked to fill in a scheme form and the pharmacist will counsel the patient on how the scheme works, detection and treatment of head lice and will be provided with instructions on how to comb hair for lice. The patient will be given the leaflet 'The Facts about Head Lice' and asked to return within seven days if any lice are detected. They should be encouraged to bring as many lice as are found, stuck to the relevant area of the leaflet or stuck to a piece of paper with clear sticky tape, marked with which person the head lice have come from.

If  lice are found, then treatment can be supplied. Dimeticone (Hedrin) is the treatment of choice, and should be used as first line. An alternative agent (Derbac M) may be supplied if there is intolerance to Hedrin. If there is treatment failure then wet combing should be used for 14 days, followed by a second course of the original treatment if necessary before referring the patient to their GP.

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West Yorkshire LPC


NHS England

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NHS England

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Head lice

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The process for accreditation has been changed from the service specification. Pharmacists providing the service must complete a Declaration of Competence for providing the Head Lice service, replacing the head lice assessment and Multiple Choice Questionnaire. The Declaration of Competence model moves away from ‘accreditation’ towards a model whereby pharmacy professionals take responsibility for their own personal competence to deliver a service. This is in-line with the GPhC / professional obligation to ensure pharmacists and pharmacy technicians keep up- to- date and reflects the processes used by GPs and some other healthcare professionals commissioned to provide local services. Every pharmacist providing the Head Lice service must be able to demonstrate they are competent, and this is demonstrated by a completed and signed CPPE Personal Head lice Declaration. Further details and the Declaration of Competence framework for Head Lice are available on the CPPE website.


This service is available in the Kirklees area.