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The service involves undertaking a standard assessment, based on the following questions and measurements: height, gender, ethnicity, weight, hip/waist ratio, current medicines, age, family history, smoking and blood pressure and a blood test for total / HDL cholesterol. Those who have been identified at risk of diabetes or kidney disease may then have further blood and urine tests.

Appropriately trained members of staff will communicate the risk (high, moderate, low) to people, with appropriate advice, support and interventions depending on the level of identified risk. They will also ensure that all patients receive lifestyle advice on how to maintain/improve their vascular health. Patients identified at high risk will require further investigation and (if applicable) referred to a lifestyle management programme such as smoking cessation, weight management, healthy walks.

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Surrey LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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NHS Health Check

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The county council will provide training and support for all staff delivering the Health Checks Programme.  Pharmacy teams must have a planned, regular programme of education, training and support for their staff.  It is also expected that the level of training required for all staff providing this service specification is identified and provided by Surrey County Council.