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The aim of this service is to increase the uptake of HIV and syphilis testing among Cumbria residents to reduce late and undiagnosed HIV, specifically in high risk groups such as people who have migrated from regions of the world where HIV is common, such as sub- Saharan Africa, and MSM (men who have sex with men) by providing HIV point of care testing (POCT), delivered through Cumbria community pharmacies.

The project is particularly concerned with increasing access to HIV testing, but will utilise a test that also tests for syphilis.

The POCT is targeted at all Cumbria residents aged 18 years or older who are unaware of their HIV status. However, it should be proactively targeted at high risks groups i.e. people who have migrated from regions of the world where HIV is common, such as sub-Saharan Africa, MSM, Injecting Drug Users and Sex Workers.

If the patient is under 18 they need to be signposted to Sexual Health Services in your local area.

More information on the service can be found below:

LPC case study: HIV testing being offered in Cumbrian pharmacies (December 2016)

Public Health England – Case study: Using community pharmacists to provide HIV testing in Cumbria (December 2016)

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Cumbria LPC


Public Health England (PHE)

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Public Health England (PHE)

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Blood-borne virus screening

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Training will be provided to ensure pharmacy staff have the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer HIV/Syphilis testing. Details of the test, how to give the results and referral process will be explained. On-going support and advice will be provided by Cumbria Sexual Health Services CPFT.