Services Database Management of Helicobacter Pylori C13 Urea Breath Test (C13 UBT)

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Leicestershire Independent Pharmacy Company (LIPCO) won the H.pylori service contract, which went out to tender via the Any Qualified Provider route. This service is therefore only provided by members of LIPCO.

The H. pylori breath test can be undertaken by a dispenser, pharmacy technician or pharmacist within an accredited pharmacy.

Patients must be referred to a pharmacy provider by a general practitioner for an H.pylori breath test.

When a patient presents with a completed GP referral form the member of staff will:

  • explain the H.pylori test process to the patient;
  • carry out the H.pylori breath test in accordance with the SOP;
  • agree preferred method of communication with patient for receiving test results;
  • provide the patient with information on how and when the result will be communicated;
  • communicate the test result to the patient within 10 days of carrying out the test;
  • ensure all samples are labelled and dispatched in accordance with Breath Sample Collection (Diabact UBT kit) protocol and LIPCO SOP;
  • ensure samples are sent to a laboratory that holds a current Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA); and
  • provide advice to patients on the management of dyspepsia.

On receipt of the H.pylori test results the pharmacy will:

  • communicate the results of the test to the referring GP within two working days;
  • communicate a normal test result to the patient using the preferred communication method within five working days and offer appropriate advice; and
  • communicate a positive pylori test result to the patient using the preferred communication method within two working days and advise the patient to make an appointment with the referring GP to seek treatment for H.pylori eradication.

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Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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H. Pylori

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Relevant staff from the provider practice must attend the training course provided by LIPCO Healthcare Ltd to ensure safe and competent delivery of this service.