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The Medicines Support Service is a service designed to enhance patients’ discharge experience by referring them on discharge from hospital to their community pharmacy for onward support.  This could be in the form of a discharge Medicines Use Review (MUR), or New Medicine Service (NMS). The pharmacy will, with the patients consent, receive an electronic copy of the discharge summary via PharmOutcomes.

The Medicine Support Service will create better links between hospitals and community pharmacists by electronically sending discharge information. 

The service launched in Yeovil from the 1st March 2016 with a pilot that lasted two months.  Once the initial pilot has been evaluated, the aim will be to roll out to local community hospitals and community pharmacies across the county.

This is not a commissioned service.

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Somerset LPC


Not a commissioned service

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Discharge support & reablement

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Not known. 


This pilot took place in the Yeovil area only.