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The aims of this service are to:

  • improve health outcomes of patients with mild to moderate psoriasis and eczema and to reduce associated treatment costs by optimising treatment use through informed adherence;
  • promote the use of appropriate, effective and consistent methods for educating patients to get the most from their prescribed emollient and topical steroid treatments by all local healthcare professionals involved in their care in line with treatment guidelines and NICE Adherence Guidelines (February 2009);
  • provide access to ongoing support where necessary;
  • improve the knowledge and understanding of conditions and treatments for healthcare professionals;
  • assess, monitor and improve patient use of medication by providing a targeted and structured Medicines Use Review by community pharmacists; and
  • provide evidence of improved outcomes: improved adherence, reduced prescribing costs.

This is not a commissioned service.

Location of service

Hampshire & IOW LPC


Not a commissioned service

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NHS England

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Medicines optimisation (including MUR-related services)

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Not known.


This service is available in the Hampshire area only.