Services Database Osteoporosis & Falls – Medicines Use Review+ Service (Southampton Area)

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The aim of this service is to optimise the outcomes of Medicines Use Reviews (MUR) by focusing on a key highly non-adherent and at risk group of service users, and to demonstrate the benefits of MURs through audit and evaluation.

The intended service outcomes are:

  • improved adherence of service users on osteoporosis treatment;
  • assessed appropriate intake of calcium and colecalciferol by service users already;
  • taking osteoporosis medication and referral if appropriate;
  • improved access to support, particularly for those traditionally hard-to-reach service users;
  • identification of service users who have either fallen or have been frightened of falling, within the last year and conduct a medication review to identify any culprit medication. Refer all service users suffering side effects from any culprit medication to GP for a medication review and possible referral for falls assessment by the Community Rehabilitation Team;
  • integration of community pharmacy services into service user care pathways;
    updated knowledge of the condition and management guidelines for community pharmacy healthcare teams; and
  • some demonstrable evidence of the benefits of the Medicines Use Review service.

This is not a commissioned service.

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Hampshire & IOW LPC


Not a commissioned service

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Medicines optimisation (including MUR-related services)

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Pharmacists need to be MUR qualified to provide this service.
In addition, pharmacists may attend a training event, which will cover updates on the condition, treatment options and management guidelines (national guidelines, and local guidelines developed by local NHS rheumatology and falls risk experts). Resources are also available to support the delivery of the service:

  • local osteoporosis guidelines and osteoporosis support information; and
  • service user falls information leaflets.


This service is available in the Southampton area only.