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This service encourages patients to self-refer to their local community pharmacy. The community pharmacist will treat minor ailments and supply medicines according to the CCG minor ailments local formulary. Medicines will be supplied free for patients exempt from prescriptions charges.

The patient should attend the pharmacy in person to receive a consultation and if appropriate a supply of medicine, in the same way they would be required to attend a GP appointment for a prescription. There may be exceptions to this and pharmacists are asked to exercise their professional judgement in deciding if a supply should be made in the absence of the patient.

The pharmacist or suitably trained member of pharmacy staff should carry out a professional consultation with reference to the minor ailment scheme formulary. This will involve:

  • a patient assessment;
  • provision of advice;
  • completion of PharmOutcomes data collection; and
  • supply of medicines from the agreed formulary where appropriate.

Update: Friday 15th July 2016: Blackpool CCG has removed the proprietary, over-the-counter Head Lice preparations from the Scheme.

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Lancashire LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Minor ailment service

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No formal accreditation is required to deliver the service as only over the counter medicines can be supplied as treatment under the scheme.

However, all staff providing the scheme should ensure they maintain continuing education and CPD, to keep up to date with guidance issued around the treatment of minor ailments, and OTC medicines.


This service is available in the Blackpool CCG area only.