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Birmingham and Solihull CCG has chosen to commission an optometrist-led Minor Eye Conditions service (MEC service).
The development of this service has been driven by the need to manage the demands being placed on secondary care ophthalmology services, and in doing so recognized the potential to develop the role of eye health care professionals in primary care.
The Birmingham and Solihull CCG Minor Eye Conditions Service is an NHS funded service for all patients registered with a GP surgery within the Birmingham part of the Birmingham and Solihull CCG area. A similar service is already in place in the Solihull part of the CCG. The MEC service helps to improve access and choice for people with minor eye conditions, thus reducing the need for them to be referred to a GP or an urgent eye clinic for treatment.
The Minor Eye Conditions Service reduces health-inequalities for low-income families and provides equal access to medicines for self-care of minor eye conditions. The MEC service allows a rapid assessment of the needs of a patient presenting with an eye condition by an Optometrist. Legally, optometrists may recommend or supply any eye preparation designated General Sale List (GSL) or Pharmacy only (P) during their professional practice. Optometrists may also produce a signed order for a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) for a limited number of eye preparations.

Location of service

Birmingham & Solihull LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Method of commissioning

NHS Enhanced service (AT)

Source of funding

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Service type

Eye care

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Start date: 01/04/2019
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• The pharmacy contractor has a duty to ensure that pharmacists and staff involved in the provision of the service have relevant knowledge and are appropriately trained in the operation of the service.
• The pharmacy contractor has a duty to ensure that pharmacists and staff involved in the provision of the service are aware of and operate within local protocols.
• Although not mandatory, it is recommended that any pharmacist providing this service completes the CPPE Pharmaceutical Care of the Eye package