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Counterweight will be provided as an appointment based service following referral from the triage provided by Dudley Public Health. Pharmacy contractors will be expected to recruit a minimum of six Counterweight clients per annum.

The Counterweight intervention programme will be carried out over 12 months using the appointment schedule below:

Appointment Length When
Initial 20-30 mins Week 1
Appointments 2-6 15-20 mins Within 3 months (fortnightly)
Appointment 7 20 mins Within 6 months
Appointment 8 20 mins Within 9 months
Appointment 9 30 mins At 12 months

To be eligible for Counterweight the patient must:

  • be a resident or work within the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley;
  • have a BMI above 30 or above BMI 27.5 (for patients of South Asian origin) or BMI of 28 or 23 (South Asian origin) with co morbidities; and
  • have stated that a group intervention is not suitable.

For clients, the service aims to:

  • achieve and maintain medically valuable weight loss of 5 – 10%;
  • make sustainable changes to eating and physical activity behaviours;
  • maintain weight loss long term; and
  • improve health status.

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Dudley LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Weight management

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All staff offering the service must have attended the two day Counterweight training provided by the Office of Public Health and have been signed off as competent to deliver the service. They are also required to complete annual refresher training.