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All needle exchange providers will offer the following services:

  • The distribution of a range of free, sterile needles and syringes;
  • The safe disposal of used injecting equipment;
  • Advice on safer injecting practices, e.g. risks of sharing or lending and borrowing injecting equipment, filters, spoons and water and safer injecting advice;
  • Advice on the storage and handling of injecting equipment;
  • Advice on risks of unsafe disposal of injecting equipment;
  • Basic advice on overdose prevention and response;
  • Advice on injecting specific drugs, e.g. stimulants, steroids, etc;
  • Consistent service provider effort to maximise return of used injecting equipment;
  • Periodic development of a range of harm reduction and health promotion campaigns;
  • Information on the range of services provided by the needle exchange, other drug treatment services and other health and social care services;
  • Referral to other services including drug treatment services; and
  • Information on the reasons for providing injecting equipment, and the risks of unsafe sexual and injecting practices, e.g. local and systemic infections, including HIV, HBV & HCV, venous and arterial thrombosis, abscesses, damaged blood vessels, TB and endocarditis.

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Sheffield LPC


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Needle & syringe programme

Other organisations involved

Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Team (DAAT)


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Not known.