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The aim of the service is to reduce the transmission of blood-borne viruses (BBVs) and other infections associated with injecting drug use, through the provision of sterile injecting equipment and sharps disposal facilities. Pharmacists and their teams will also be able to offer advice, information and signposting to other services as appropriate.

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East Sussex LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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Community pharmacists based at a pharmacy providing the service should have the appropriate Harmonisation of Accreditation Group (HAG) certificate.  The HAG training means that the pharmacist must complete the CPPE pack on Substance Use and Misuse within six months of starting to provide the service.
In addition, free local training is provided for all participating pharmacists, their locums and their staff teams.  It is a contractual requirement that all pharmacies participating in the scheme attend at least one training session per year.  These sessions will also act as a discussion forum to review the scheme.  Please feed back any suggestions, compliments or complaints to Amanda Marshall or the group at the training session.
On-site training for pharmacists and their staff is available, arranged at flexible hours to suit the individual pharmacy – please contact Amanda Marshall, at the NHS Brighton & Hove.
Pharmacists and their teams may also wish to access the local website The website is designed for anyone who comes into contact with clients who are misusing or affected by drugs and alcohol.  It is a one stop resource for access to: local and national documents, news teaching resources and a member’s forum.


This service is available in the Brighton & Hove County Council area only.