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The aims and objectives of the service are to:

  • enable the service user to remain healthy until they are ready and willing to cease injecting and ultimately achieve a drug-free life with appropriate support;
  • protect health and reduce the rate of blood-borne viruses and drug related deaths among service users by;
    • reducing the rate of high risk injecting behaviors such as sharing drug equipment/paraphernalia;
    • providing sterile injecting equipment and advice;
    • promoting safer injecting practices through training and education; and 
    • providing and reinforcing harm reduction messages including safe sex advice and advice on overdose prevention (e.g. risks of poly-drug use and alcohol use);
  • improve the health of local communities by preventing the spread of blood borne viruses by ensuring the safe disposal of used injecting equipment;
  • ensure service users are able to access treatment by offering referral to specialist drug and alcohol treatment centers, or health and social care professionals where appropriate;
  • improve access to specialist treatment for all injecting drug users particularly the hard to reach and socially excluded groups through improved care pathways and close partnership working;
  • ensure service users are able to access other health and social care provision and to become part of the pathway into other services (e.g. primary care, specialist prescribing, hepatitis B immunization, hepatitis and HIV screening etc); and
  • deliver consistent needle exchange provision across Kent so that service users in all parts of Kent have access to an equitable level of care and facilities. A universal service will ensure an increased number of pharmacy premises participate in the scheme.

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Kent LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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The needle and syringe exchange scheme must be provided under the supervision of the pharmacist. Pharmacists and one counter staff members participating in the scheme will be expected to attend one contractor meeting organised by KCA (UK) and Turning Point to promote service development, share experiences and update the knowledge of pharmacy staff. Pharmacists must also be undertaking or have successfully completed the CPPE Substance Use and Misuse Open Learning Programme (10 Hours) in line with the HAG Competencies and Training Framework.