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The pharmacy contractor will promote safer injecting practice and reduce the incidence of viral and bacterial infections associated with injecting drug use by providing injecting drug users with sterile needles, syringes, spoons, filters, vitamin C, swabs and a sharps container for returning sharps waste. Items will be supplied in a pre-filled ‘pharmacy pack’.

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East Sussex LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Needle & syringe programme

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A Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) open learning programme provides pharmacists with the necessary knowledge to underpin the provision of this enhanced service: CPPE Substance Use and Misuse (2nd Edition, May 2012).

A record of completion of this programme for any pharmacist providing the service must be sent to the East Susex County Council Public Health (ESCCPH) Team.

Temporary approval to provide the service for six months may be achieved by written self-declaration stating that the CPPE training pack has been commenced and will be completed within six months. To continue providing the service, the record of completion must be sent to the ESCCPH team as evidence that the training has been completed within six months of the approval.

CPPE also has a Pharmacy Technician Substance Use and Misuse open learning programme available. Although not required to provide the service, this learning programme supports the delivery and development of the service.


This service is available in the East Sussex County Council area only.