Services Database New Leaf – Smoking Cessation (Nottingham City)

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This service will enable community pharmacy teams to deliver smoking cessation support to clients over 18 years of age registered with a Nottingham City GP, or those that live or work in Nottingham City. 

NRT can be supplied to clients who fit the inclusion criteria, and can be provided for up to six weeks. If the client is considering using Champix or Zyban, the client should be referred to the GP who will then assess the patient on an individual basis. 

Session protocol:

  • Initial consultation (30 minutes)
  • Follow-up session (15 minutes)
  • Sessions 3, 4 and 5 (15 minutes)
  • Four weeks post quite date (15 minutes)
  • Final session (15 minutes).

Location of service

Nottinghamshire LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

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Not known.


This service is available in the Nottingham City area only.