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The purpose of this NHS Emergency Repeat Medicine Service is to facilitate appropriate access to regular repeat medication during the Out-of-Hours (OOH) period, enabling patients to access an urgent supply of their regular prescription medicines when appropriate from a community pharmacy and reduce pressures, demand and cost on other parts of the unscheduled care system, such as emergency departments, OOH GP services and NHS 111, many of who receive regular requests from patients for prescriptions for repeat medicines, especially at the weekend and bank holidays.

When is the scheme active?

  • During OOH periods (18:30-08:00 during weekdays);
  • During OOH periods weekends (18:30 on Friday – 08:00 on Monday); and
  • Designated bank holidays.

How can patients access the scheme: - Two routes:

  1. Patient is referred to participating community pharmacy via NHS 111; and
  2. Patient is referred to participating community pharmacy via (Unscheduled care provider) Urgent Care Centre, Walk-in-Centre or other Out of Hours Provider (SSAFA/Extended Hour Hubs).

A maximum of 10 days of medication can be supplied (exceptions for inhalers creams etc.)

Location of service

Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Emergency supply NHS service

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Not known.


This service is available in the Leicester City area only.