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This pilot service is designed to offer preventive health checks to all adults aged 40-74 who are at risk of developing vascular disease, followed by appropriate lifestyle interventions and treatments (by referral where applicable).

The NHS Health Check is primarily a preventive service; it is not aimed at people who have already been diagnosed with a vascular disease as it is assumed that these people will already be on a disease register and receiving appropriate treatment.

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Thames Valley LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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NHS Health Check

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Staff undertaking risk assessments and lifestyle reviews must have had training in vascular disease, risk assessment and management.  Evidence of attending a course or completing the on-line training will be required.

Those undertaking Health Checks should be aware of the Vascular Health Check workforce competencies to be found online:

NHS West Midlands has developed an online NHS Health Check training resource and have made it available for anyone within or outside the NHS to use. The training consists of:

  • Introductory and overview videos
  • The NHS Health Check process
  • Skills and competences required
  • Advice from lifestyle experts
  • Useful links and resources

Access the online training too at:

Introduction of Dementia in the NHS Health Check

The dementia awareness component is part of the NHS Health Check for all attendees aged 65 - 74. The inclusion of dementia within the NHS Health Check programme is a wider part of the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia.

Raising awareness of dementia in the NHS Health Check will require NHS Health Check practitioners to give attendees information about dementia, the signs and symptoms, risk factors, and information about local services. There is no assessment component.

A leaflet about dementia and cardiovascular disease is available at the link below. This will increase people’s awareness of dementia and some key pieces of its links to cardiovascular disease.

An e-learning resource is available to introduce the dementia component to practitioners. This is available at the link below.


This service is available in the West Berks, Wokingham, Bracknell and Slough areas.