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The NHS Health Check assessment will consist of:

  • a full and holistic face to face cardiovascular assessment for eligible Service Users;
  • a clear communication of CVD risk and advice regarding how the Service User could reduce their modifiable risk factors;
  • an assessment of motivation to change health behaviour and requirement’s for onward support; and
  • an appropriate onward and active referral vehicle for lifestyle support.

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West Sussex LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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NHS Health Check

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The pharmacy contractor will be responsible for ensuring pharmacy staff are adequately trained and competent to carry out cardiovascular risk assessment, motivational interviewing and brief interventions in line with Vascular Risk Assessment – Workforce Competencies June 2009, ‘Make Every Contact Count’ (MECC) and NICE Guidance.

The pharmacy contractor will be responsible for ensuring all pharmacy staff have completed the on-line ‘Dementia training tool’ and hold a valid certificate. Tool available from:

Pharmacy staff shall have received training in the use of the Point of Care Testing (POCT) kit and QA process. Full training in the use of the BHR Cardio-Check machine, kit and QA process will be provided by BHR Pharmaceuticals Ltd at the Core Skills Training Courses. On-going support to individual pharmacies will be under the Council’s support arrangements with BHR Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Staff responsible for delivering the NHS Health Checks, undertakes annual update training.

Staff should also keep abreast of national programme developments and ensure these are incorporated into training needs.