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The aims and intended service outcomes are to:    

  • reduce the number of unwanted medicines dispensed by not dispensing items not required by the patient;
  • notify the prescriber when an item prescribed has not been dispensed;
  • promote, support and encourage good prescribing practices;
  • highlight over usage of medicines to GPs;
  • reduce unnecessary prescribing costs; and
  • note whether the non-supply would be clinically significant.

The main aspects of the service involve the pharmacist:

  • reviewing each prescription not in a repeat dispensing scheme;
  • discussing the prescribed medicine with the patient, or their authorised representatives to identify any item that is not required;
  • crossing the item(s) through and clearly endorse them on the prescription ‘ND’ or ‘Not Dispensed’ in a manner agreed with the NHS Business Service Authority;
  • notifying the GP of any item(s) not dispensed within two working days using the Not Dispensed Intervention Form; and
  • notifying the prescriber by fax of any item which is a Special on the same day, using the Information to Prescriber Form. 

Location of service

Sheffield LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Not dispensed scheme

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There are no specific training requirements for pharmacists; however, pharmacists should ensure that they are familiar with the scheme and any support staff be made aware of the scheme and signed off as competent to participate in the scheme.