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Some prescription items will not be required by patients because they may have been ordered in error, are no longer required, prescribed by mistake by the surgery or not required because the patient has built up supplies at home.

As part of the dispensed services the pharmacy staff should ensure that  “patients are able to use their medicines and appliances effectively by:

  • pharmacy staff providing information and advice to the patients on the safe use of their medicine or appliance; or
  • pharmacy staff providing when appropriate broader advice to the patient on the medicines, for example, its possible side effects and significant interactions with other substances.

The pharmacist or competent staff member to whom the task has been delegated by the pharmacist will check with the patient whether they “require all of the items on the prescription at this time” (or if the patient has plenty at home).

If the patient does not need a particular item, it is “Not Dispensed” and the prescription endorsed “ND” to advise the Prescription Pricing Authority so that the pharmacist is not reimbursed for the cost of supplying the item.


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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LPC


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Not dispensed scheme

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This service is available in the Cambridgeshire area only.