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The “Not Dispensed” scheme allows the pharmacist to intervene, identify and thus prevent the dispensing of those items included on repeat prescriptions, which the patient did not actually require at that time.

Pharmacists or appropriately qualified staff should discuss such repeat prescription items with the patient, to check if they need to be dispensed or supplied that month. If an item is not needed, possibly because the patient has sufficient at home, then it is NOT DISPENSED.

The scheme applies to all prescribed items ‘Not Dispensed’ except:

  • repeat dispensing items (pharmacists receive a payment under their contract which requires the pharmacist to check that all items are needed at each dispensing); and
  • acute, one-off, prescriptions.

Where pharmacists keep repeat lists and re-order medicines on behalf of patients, they must ensure that they confirm with the patient (or their representative) the exact items that are required before the next prescription is ordered; this is normal ethical practice and does not form part of the Not Dispensed scheme. Pharmacists must not automatically re-order all the items and then mark unwanted ND on the prescription and claim the Not Dispensed fee.

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Nottinghamshire LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Not dispensed scheme

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The community pharmacy contractor shall ensure that pharmacists and other dispensing staff employed to work in the pharmacy are fully aware of how to operate the not dispensed scheme.


This service is available in the Nottingham City area only.