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Public Health Barnsley offer a comprehensive Stop smoking service. It comprises of 3 distinct elements;

  1. provision of advice by trained individuals;
  2. access to Nicotine Replacement Products (NRT) through a voucher scheme; and
  3. a Patient  Group Direction (PGD) which allows the dispensing of varenicline (Champix) without the need for a prescription.

NRT Voucher Scheme

This scheme involves clients attending regular meetings with a dedicated Stop Smoking Advisor at locations across Barnsley. The appointments usually comprise of a discussion of behaviours and progress, help and advice, a Carbon Monoxide breath test and then the provision of a voucher, which can be redeemed at pharmacies across Barnsley in order to receive the agreed NRT Products.

Champix PGD

This PGD works as an extension to the above voucher scheme. It means that specially trained Stop Smoking advisors can issue a patient with a form, which can be exchanged for Champix in pharmacies across Barnsley.

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Barnsley LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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NRT and/or varenicline voucher scheme

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