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This service has been designed to allow community pharmacists to create another level of support to patients and practices around the management of chronic non-cancer pain.
Key service outcomes:

  • Effective referral across the GP practice and community pharmacy interface.
  • Identify patients who are engaged and ready to consider a reduction of their prescribed pain medicines.
  • Support patients in the reduction of prescribed pain medication regimens, where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of a community pharmacy-led intervention wherein advice and support is provided to patients on the management of their pain. This may include, but is not limited to, signposting to local charities and support groups, offering OTC alternatives, advice and ongoing support.

Service pathway:
Part 1: This involves the pharmacy ascertaining which patients meet any of the following three inclusion criteria markets:

  1. three or more pain related medicines; or
  2. patients taking high dose of opioids regularly (>120mg morphine equivalent daily); or
  3. patients seeking pain medicines early, patients using large quantities of breakthrough medicine (e.g. Oramorph) or patients purchasing excessive additional painkillers OTC.

For eligible patients, the pharmacist can conduct an MUR-style consultation, followed up by a second contact in the proceeding weeks.
Part 2: This stage involves local GP practices. Patients who are currently reducing their opioid dose are eligible for a further support service, wherein motivational advice is provided to the patient over the course of at least three consultations; either face to face or by phone.

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Devon LPC


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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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This service is available in the Plymouth area only.