Services Database Palliative Care ‘Just in Case’ Emergency Medicines Box Service (Telford & Wrekin Area)

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This service supports anticipatory prescribing and rapid access to medicines commonly prescribed in palliative care, by ensuring a palliative care ‘just in case’ emergency medicines box has been prescribed and placed in the patient’s home. The emergency medicines boxes are targeted at patients reaching the terminal phase of their illness. It also supports effective team working between doctors, nurses and pharmacists, both in and out of normal working hours.

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Shropshire LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Source of funding

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Service type

On demand availability of specialist drugs (palliative care)

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In order for a community pharmacist to become approved by the CCG, they must first satisfy the following criteria:

  • Pharmacists taking part in the scheme must undergo Palliative Care Emergency Medicine Box training; and
  • Pharmacists will be responsible for their continuing professional development in the area of palliative care.


This service is available in the Telford & Wrekin area only.