Services Database Pharmaceutical Support and Supply of Medication Administration Record (MAR) Chart for People Receiving WSCC Adults’ Services Home Care

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Adults’ Services Care Managers and the Intermediate Care Services (Admission Avoidance) will assess if the patient requires prompting to take their medicine(s) or administration by home carer. Adults’ Services staff will enquire which pharmacy the patient uses. They will then approach the pharmacy to ask if they participate in the Local Enhanced Service as detailed in this document. If not participating, Adults’ Services staff will advise the patient of the participating pharmacies so that the patient can choose which participating pharmacy to use.

Once the pharmacy has been notified of a patient under this scheme using the appropriate paperwork, the pharmacy will produce a new MAR chart each time medication is dispensed for the patient. A new MAR chart will also be required if there are any changes to the medication. The MAR chart will be given to the patient / carer.

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West Sussex LPC


Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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Medicines assessment & compliance support

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Each pharmacist providing the service must be accredited to provide Medicines Use Reviews.

Pharmacists and staff involved in the provision of this service must also understand the service specification and undertake relevant CPD. CPPE training which may support this service includes: ‘Older People : Managing Medicines’.