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PivoTell is an automated pill dispenser which is filled by the pharmacy, locked and then delivered to the patient’s home. 

The service includes delivery and collection of the device, the interval depends on how many times per day the patient takes medication and so can need replacing weekly or monthly.

The PivoTell service includes a pharmacy technician who will visit the patient and their family or carer to assess whether the device is suitable for them to use and also that their medication is suitable to be added to a PivoTell device.

Update 02/03/2017:

There are to be no new referrals for PivoTell device assessment and no new clients will be funded. Those clients who are currently funded to receive their medicines in a PivoTell device will continue to do so, with recording and claims continuing via PharmOutcomes.

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South Staffordshire LPC


NHS England

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NHS England

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Medicines assessment & compliance support

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