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The service will be offered to those individuals using opiates, accessing needle exchange and supervised consumption services and to the family and friends of these individuals. All individuals accessing the service will be given training to recognise the symptoms of opioid overdose, how to respond appropriately and how to administer the Prenoxad (naloxone) Injection.

This training can be delivered by any member of the pharmacy team who has been appropriately trained and has been deemed competent to do so by the pharmacist in charge. Once completed, a take home naloxone kit may be issued to the individual.

Pharmacies will identify and potentially supply suitable individuals with a take home naloxone kit through engagement in store, particularly those accessing needle exchange and/or opioid substitution therapy, informing those individuals about harm reduction and the benefits of naloxone.

There is a limited supply of 200 kits available for the Take Home Naloxone Pilot, which will be delivered across five pharmacies. The pharmacy will inform Public Health upon supply of 20 naloxone kits with no further kits to be dispensed until this consultation has taken place.

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  • Complete the following Naloxone Course: SMMGP FreeLearn - Naloxone Saves Lives from 
  • A pharmacist and representative from the pharmacy will be required to attend an initial training session prior to delivering the service.