Services Database Provision of Monitored Dosage Systems at Discharge From Hospital Required Within Half a Working Day

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A scheme to provide monitored dosage system (MDS) trays to patients on discharge from hospital. The principle being that on occasion a patient's discharge is delayed due to the hospital pharmacy’s capacity to be able to provide an MDS tray for the patient.

A member of the hospital pharmacy staff will contact the community pharmacy nominated by the patient to confirm their willingness to provide a MDS tray under this specification. If the nominated community pharmacy is unable to provide the MDS tray, in line with this specification, a list of alternative community pharmacies willing to provide the service, will be offered to the patient from which to make a selection. Once agreement has been reached with a nominated community pharmacy the hospital will provide two FP10 prescriptions, one for seven days and one for 21 days supply of the required medication. (Prescriptions will be faxed to the community pharmacy and then immediately sent  by post). The nominated community pharmacy will prepare a MDS tray for the first seven days supply of medicines within half a working day of receipt of the faxed prescription (see definitions). The initial seven day MDS tray will either be delivered by the community pharmacy or collected form the community pharmacy in line with the agreement reached with the hospital pharmacy staff. The community pharmacy will prepare MDS trays to cover the remaining 21 day period, and deliver these to the patient, in line with their normal standard operating procedures.

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Doncaster LPC



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Medicines assessment & compliance support

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Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals


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