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Devon LPC has produced a downloadable toolkit to help pharmacists deliver effective MURs to patients with psoriasis.

The toolkit, which was produced in association with the Psoriasis Association, MediaPharm, CPD Easy and PSNC, and with the support of a pharmacist with an interest in dermatology, a consultant dermatologist and a GP with a special interest in dermatology includes:

  • a full briefing on the condition and its treatment and management to help pharmacists improve their knowledge and understanding;
  • a consultation guide including key questions and prompts for pharmacists carrying out the MURs;
  • a record form to be completed during the MUR and given to the patient; and
  • ideas on lifestyle advice pharmacists could also give patients and places they could be signposted to for more information.

This is not a commissioned service.

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Devon LPC


Not a commissioned service

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Medicines optimisation (including MUR-related services)

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