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The aims of this service are to:

  • give advice on contraception, sexual health and sexually transmitted infections;
  • provide free emergency hormonal contraception via Patient Group Direction (PGD);
  • provide free condoms to young people with a 4YP C-card;
  • offer free chlamydia screening kits;
  • provide free chlamydia treatment (azithromycin) via PGD to those referred by the Chlamydia Screening Team; and
  • signpost to services that provide reliable regular contraception and management of sexually transmitted infections.

Chlamydia screening kits should only be offered to young people aged 16-24. Young people aged 13-15 should only be offered a kit if they have had a safeguarding discussion with a trained pharmacist, for example, in the context of an EHC consultation. If a trained pharmacist is not available, young people aged under 16 should be signposted to a GP practice or sexual health service.

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Avon LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Sexual health

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Young People Friendly, 4YP Bristol


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Pharmacists involved in the provision of the service to the public must attend a Bristol City Council sexual health training session, as well as undertake the CPPE Emergency Hormonal Contraception training.  It is recommended that pharmacists should attend a sexual health refresher training once every two years.
Bristol City Council also recommend the completion of the following self learning packages as additional resources (although their completion is not compulsory):

  • CPPE: Sexual health: testing and treating open learning programme
  • CPPE: Contraception open learning pack
  • CPPE: Dealing with difficult discussions open learning programme

All pharmacy staff involved in provision of this service must also have attained Level 2 Safeguarding Children training, either by completing the on-line CPPE safeguarding children package, or previously attended a PCT safeguarding children training session.  This training will need to be re-accredited every three years.  The 4YP training course ‘Effectively Engaging and Communicating with Young People. Delivered by: Loudmouth Education and Training Through Theatre’ is also recommended for all staff delivering this service and can be booked through the professionals section of the 4YP website.


This service is available in the Bristol area only.