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To improve the overall management of people with COPD by promoting a system of care that integrates the community pharmacist into the healthcare team and improves medicine optimisation.

The service consists of three consultations:

Pharmacist consultation 1
Following recruitment of the patient into the service, the pharmacist should conduct the first consultation consisting of:

  •  a targeted MUR if the patient is eligible (see relevant MUR SP for details);
  • a SIMPLE COPD consultation consisting of the following elements;
    • stop smoking support (refer/offer NRT if appropriate);
    • inhaler technique ‐ observe and optimise;
    • monitor – record MRC dyspnoea score, COPD Assessment test (CAT) score and self-reported COPD exacerbation information;
    • pharmacotherapy ‐ review and optimise medicines and give information to person on appropriate use;
    • lifestyle ‐ consider factors (BMI, exercise, vaccinations, rehabilitation); and
    • education ‐ provide self-management advice and information on COPD.

Following the initial consultation, the pharmacist or pharmacy staff member will need to review and document patient adherence to respiratory medicines for a six month period immediately prior to their recruitment date.

Pharmacist consultation 2
A follow up SIMPLE COPD consultation will need to be completed two months after the initial pharmacist consultation.

Pharmacist consultation 3
This will be conducted six months after the initial pharmacist consultation and will consist of:

  • recording CAT score, MRC dyspnoea score and self-reported exacerbation/hospital admission data;
  • contacting the patient's GP practice to confirm hospital admission data; and
  • documenting patient adherence to respiratory medicines over the last six months.

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Leicestershire & Rutland LPC


Other: Almirall Ltd

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Pharmacists who provided this service should have attended the SIMPLE COPD training event.