Services Database Smoking Cessation in Community Pharmacies (Southampton Area)

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A smoking cessation service for clients who need support from the contractor to give up smoking using one to one interventions.
The initial assessment includes:

  • assessing if the client would be better suited to Stop Smoking interventions from Southampton Quitters;
  • asking if the client would like to make an attempt to stop smoking and receive weekly advice and support to stop; and
  • assessing how ready the client is to make a change.

The initial treatment session includes:

  • completing Pharmoutcomes templates to ensure effective ongoing service delivery and audit;
  • setting a target quit date with the client;
  • assessing the clients smoking behaviour e.g. are they a highly dependent smoker?;
  • taking an initial CO reading for baseline assessment and explaining its use as a motivational aid;
  • explaining the benefits of quitting smoking;
  • exploring any barriers/concerns affecting the client’s success;
  • identifying treatment options with the client;
  • agreeing a treating plan with the client, including;
  • coping strategies to maximise commitment to the target quit date;
  • one weeks supply of the chosen pharmacotherapy;
  • explanation of the use of the chosen product(s);
  • an action plan for the week ahead;
  • an appointment for 7 day’s time or pre-arrange contact by telephone or SMS;
  • giving the client the contact number for the pharmacy, and the Southampton Quitters Service; and
  • recording the consultation in PharmOutcomes.

The subsequent treatment sessions include:

  • reflection on the previous weeks, addressing any key issues or problem areas;
  • self-reported smoking status preferably followed by a CO test for validation (and ensuring this is recorded);
  • reinforcing week on week success;
  • making further weekly appointments;
  • a further weeks supply of product at each treatment session;
  • following up missed appointments with telephone contact and / or written contact;
  • referral to Southampton Quitters of clients who choose to or require more intensive support following failure to quit; and
  • ensuring PharmOutcomes is up to date and accurate.

Location of service

Hampshire & IOW LPC


Local Authority (LA)

Method of commissioning

Local Authority contract

Source of funding

Local Authority (LA)

Service type

Stop smoking

Other organisations involved

Southampton Quitters


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All advisors are required to undertake Level 1 online training provided by National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training within 3 months of the start of this agreement. This can be found at
Level 2 Training is provided by Southampton Quitters and is required to provide this service.
All advisors are required to undergo refresher training on an annual basis provided by Southampton Quitters.


This service is available in the Southampton area only.