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A stop smoking service offering one to one support to the client as a seven week programme.

Pharmacological and behavioural support can be offered as appropriate to assist with the client's quit attempt.

Interventions should offer weekly support for at least the first four weeks following the quit date.  

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Kent LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

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For 1:1 support, advisers must be trained to level 2.  This training will be provided by the commissioner.  Those previously trained in other areas will need to undergo relevant training for the Eastern and Coastal Kent area.

For group interventions, an adviser must be trained to level 3.  This training must also be Eastern and Coastal Kent area specific.

For advisers working with pregnant women and their families, a further course for engaging and supporting people who smoke in pregnancy is available.  Whilst this is not mandatory, it is encouraged.  This is a half day training module.

It is mandatory for advisers to attend update events and network meetings, as this provides part of their ongoing training and development. Every adviser must attend one network meeting annually.

As reactive training updates specific to the individual adviser are now available, it is the service provider’s responsibility to ensure that these needs are conveyed to the SSS project officer.


This service is available in the Eastern and Coastal Kent area.