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This service is for the provision of Level 3 stop smoking support; however pharmacy teams can also provide the Level 1 service

Level 3: Trained stop smoking advisors in primary care and community settings who are paid under a SLA to deliver quit support in addition to their core roles e.g. practice nurses, pharmacies, dentists etc.

Level 1: Brief Intervention: Staff within services who routinely or opportunistically ask clients if they smoke, if they wish to stop smoking and signpost those wishing to quit for appropriate quit support e.g. environmental health officers.

Stop Smoking support may include a number of evidence-based approaches including group sessions, one to ones, telephone interventions and text support.

All interventions should follow current guidance on best practice, i.e. safe, evidence based and cost effective. It is recommended that stop smoking support is a combination of behavioural support from a stop smoking advisor as well as pharmacotherapy where appropriate.

The length of interventions will be monitored and audited and quits will be recorded at 4 and 12 weeks from an agreed quit date.

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Greater Manchester LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

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Quit Support must be delivered by fully accredited stop smoking advisors. All intermediate stop smoking advisors will have undertaken online training and registered with the NCSCT (National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training). Following initial online training, advisors must have attended an approved and certificated Intermediate Advisor Stop Smoking Training course:

Advisors must attend a yearly update training session provided by Big Life Stop Smoking Service who will also provide ongoing support including a quarterly newsletter and alerts to the latest stop smoking guidance.

Brief intervention training will be available for other staff within the provider organisation to enable them to raise the issue of smoking and signpost smokers wishing to quit to trained advisors.


This service is available in the Rochdale area only.