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The aim of the service is to contribute towards a reduction in smoking prevalence across Wirral by providing nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) as part of a high quality stop smoking service for people that reside in, work in or are registered with a GP in Wirral. Clients can also be referred to their GP if varenicline or buprenorphine is deemed more appropriate.
The service will consist of up to eight consultations with the stop smoking adviser. Each client will receive a course of treatment tailored to his or her individual requirements.

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Cheshire & Wirral LPC


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Local Authority (LA)

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Stop smoking

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Wirral Stop Smoking Services


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Stop Smoking Adviser status is gained by attending the equivalent of a two day Stop Smoking Adviser (Level 2) course provided by Wirral NHS Community Trust.
To ensure high quality service delivery is maintained and advisers are kept up to date with local and national issues relating to stop smoking, all advisers must attend an update meeting.  This is a one 0.5 day session provided by Wirral Community NHS Trust.


This service is available in the Wirral area only