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The aims and intended outcomes of this service are:

  • ensure compliance with the agreed treatment plan by
    • dispensing in specified instalments (doses may be dispensed for the service user to take away to cover days when the Pharmacy is closed); and
    • ensuring each supervised dose is correctly consumed by the service user for whom it was intended;
  • to reduce the risk to local communities of:
    • over usage or under usage of medicines;
    • diversion of prescribed medicines onto the illicit drugs market;
    • accidental exposure to the supervised medicines; and
    • to reduce risk of over or under usage of medicines, prescribers may give consideration to the use of daily dose containers;
  • to provide service users with regular contact with health care professionals and to help them access further advice or assistance.  The service user will be referred to specialist treatment centres or other health and social care professionals where appropriate and with consent.

The SLA for this service combines supervised administration and the needle & syringe programme. Further information on the needle & syringe programme can be found on the database entry for Needle and Syringe Programme (Cambridgeshire Area).

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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LPC


Local Authority (LA)

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Local Authority (LA)

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Supervised administration

Other organisations involved

Inclusion Drug Service


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Pharmacists are encouraged to complete the open learning module, Substance misuse and opiate treatment: supporting pharmacists for improved patient care, provided by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) and  the Part 2 Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) course in the Management of Drug Misuse in Primary Care. 


This service is only available in the Cambridgeshire area.