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To provide a service for persons who present with opiate use problems with methadone and Subutex opiate maintenance treatment to help them reduce or stop injecting drugs by receiving supervised daily doses of methadone or Subutex. Clients will also be given advice, reading material and signposting information.

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West Yorkshire LPC


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Local Authority contract

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Local Authority (LA)

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Supervised administration

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To gain accreditation each pharmacist must be undertaking or have successfully completed the CPPE Substance Use and Misuse Open Learning Programme and accompanying assessment (10 hours).

CPPE also has a Pharmacy Technician Substance Use and Misuse open learning programme available: Substance Use and Misuse: Fundamental and Practicalities for the Pharmacy Technician. Although not a requisite for services provision, this will support the development of such services.

The local authority will provide an annual training event. It is recommended and beneficial that pharmacists and pharmacy staff attend this event to promote good practice and update the knowledge of pharmacist/s and staff in all the pharmacy based schemes.


This service is available in the Calderdale area only.