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This scheme is available for patients aged 18 years and over who are registered with a GP practice
and present at a community pharmacy within the East Region. Patients can access the scheme at
any participating pharmacy in the East region.
Patients will be asked by the pharmacy to confirm their registration with their GP Practice and to give their consent to information sharing with their GP before any supply is made. Pharmacists are
encouraged to use Summary Care Records (SCRs) to check the patient’s GP practice if there is
uncertainty or to confirm eligibility. Only where there is doubt, and with the consent of the patient
the pharmacist may check the registration with the GP practice (see section 4.1 below “checking GP Registration”).
Where the patient is not registered with a GP practice or they refuse consent to contact their GP, as
described above, the patient should be advised appropriately, and if antibiotic treatment or other
Prescription Only Medicine (POM) is thought to be required, they should be signposted to an
appropriate provider (this maybe their own GP, or if a temporary resident in the area advice given
on how to access NHS services locally).
It is anticipated that patients who will make use of the service will access it via the pharmacy where they generally get their prescriptions dispensed. In addition to this, the pharmacist should check the patient’s SCR and it is therefore expected that the number of telephone calls to the GP practice to confirm patient registration will be minimal.

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Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LPC


NHS England

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Minor ailment service

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Training requirements are set out in detail in Appendix 2 however in summary completion of CPPE
DOC framework for minor ailments is required.
All Pharmacists working at participating Pharmacies and providing the scheme should ensure that
they continue, through continuing education and CPD, to keep up to date with guidance issued
around of the treatment of insect bites and stings, and acute cellulitis.