Services Database Vascular Screening Assessment via Community Pharmacy (Manchester Area)

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To identify individuals at a high risk of CVD, predictive risk registers are being compiled in all GP surgeries in Manchester. The success of these registers in identifying and managing individuals at risk of developing CVD is dependent upon the availability of accurate and up to date information about risk factors. There are gaps in the patient information currently available and a number of individuals have insufficient information recorded to enable a calculation of risk to be made. Therefore NHS Manchester wishes to commission a targeted pilot vascular checks programme to be delivered across the city in order to supplement the information held on GP practice systems.

Pharmacists and their teams should:

  • offer targeted vascular checks in an easily accessible community setting at appropriate times of the day;
  • accurately test and record specific anthropometric and lifestyle information in order to calculate a personalised estimated level of CVD risk using a Framingham/QRisk 2 based score;
  • communicate this risk to the individual and signpost accordingly; and
  • accurately and promptly report information to General Practice.

The service is primarily a preventative one; it is not intended for those people who already have vascular disease.

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Greater Manchester LPC


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Start date: 01/04/2013
End date: 31/03/2015




All community pharmacists and staff providing the service must complete the Commissioner training sessions.


This service is available in the Manchester area only.