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Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) (Yorkshire’s dedicated cancer research charity) has allocated funding for pharmacies to participate in a campaign where pharmacy teams undertake a ‘Wise Up To Cancer’ screen and intervention with customers.

The investment that YCR is making aims to explore working with community pharmacy and the role of community pharmacy as a key setting in the fight against cancer. The YCR investment is allowing Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire to take part in this exciting project working in partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research, Leeds Beckett University and BARCA to address cancer prevention, screening and early diagnosis.

Pharmacies providing Wise Up To Cancer will screen customers to identify suitable patients, undertake a lifestyle and cancer awareness questionnaire, and advise and support patients to set a lifestyle and cancer screening goal.

The pharmacy will participate in the YCR Wise up to Cancer project and will:

  • undertake awareness raising activities (using a scratch card) in order to recruit 100 people who fulfil specified eligibility criteria for Wise Up To Cancer;
  • administer the Wise Up To Cancer questionnaire which includes providing advice and support to participants relating to lifestyle, cancer risks and early signs and symptoms of cancer;
  • as part of the Wise Up To Cancer intervention, encourage participants to set behavioural goals and where appropriate signpost to screening services;
  • provide cancer awareness information to those not eligible for a Wise Up To Cancer screen / intervention; and
  • enter data from questionnaires directly into PharmOutcomes.

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West Yorkshire LPC


Other: Leeds Beckett University

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Yorkshire Cancer Research and BARCA Leeds.
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This service is available in the Wakefield area only.