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Manufacturer contingency arrangements

The table below summarises the contingency arrangements for the manufacturers and products that PSNC is currently most frequently receiving calls about: Manufacturer Affected Products include Summary of Contingency Ordering Procedure ALK-Abello Grazax Jext® If a pharmacy has difficulties in obtaining...


Patient safety information

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have made changes to the way they issue drug safety messaging to healthcare providers. MHRA Drug Alerts have been renamed, drug safety notices will no longer be referred to as ‘Drug alerts’...



Mobile device and computer apps are software applications, usually designed to run on smartphones and tablet devices e.g. iPads. Some patient apps will have made available NHS Patient Facing Services (PFS also known as ‘GP online services’) features, read about...


#PSNCtalk videos

In August 2017, PSNC and pharmacyTALK began working together to produce a series of videos to help those who work in community pharmacy by sharing guidance and offering advice, as well as making pharmacy staff aware of the vast range of...


27 products on dm+d reclassified as specials

Following checks carried out by PSNC, 27 products (see table below) listed on the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) have been updated to reflect their unlicensed status. This means that the respective product entries have been annotated with...


Tokens (EPS)

Paper copies that are printed to accompany electronic (EPS) prescriptions are known as ‘tokens’. The barcode on the tokens can be scanned to retrieve the electronic prescription from the central NHS Spine. PSNC’s factsheet: Summary of EPS-related forms and tokens...


Technical requirements and standards

Pharmacy and prescribing system suppliers align with minimum requirements (e.g. EPS specifications) that set out what must, should, and can be done. Suppliers also can innovate beyond what is specified based on user requests e.g. improving usability, and based upon user...


Price concession archive

QUICK LINKS Price concession archive spreadsheet  The following list is an archive of price concessions granted.