2021 Training Events

Date Topic
Weds 27th January 2021

Depression & Mental Health (Patient and Health Care Professional)

Depression & Mental Health Certificate

Tuesday 9th February 7.30-9pm

Wednesday 10th February 7.30-9pm

Wednesday 17th February 7.30-9pm

Discharge Medicines Service


DMS Training FAQ

DMS Certificate

Weds 31st March 2021

Modern Slavery


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How to report a suspicion of Modern Slavery.

Modern Slavery Certificate

Weds 23rd June 2021

Contractor Roadshow – Pharmacy Contract Update.

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Weds 29th September 2021

Hypertension Training

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Weds 13th October 2021

Annual Conference – Online

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Weds 17th November 2021


Opioid Misuse