CPCS Information Page


Following a successful pilot this service was rolled out nationally from 1st November 2020.

The LPC continue to work in partnership with NHSE&I and the CCG to roll this out across our area.

Please see attached for more information about our local protocols

Avon Key points for CPCS GP Service

If your practice is not currently live please have a conversation with them about the service or send details of who to contact at the practice to Judith.avonlpc@gmail.com

For further information about the service please click here https://psnc.org.uk/services-commissioning/advanced-services/community-pharmacist-consultation-service/cpcs-gp-referral-pathway/

If you have any questions please contact Judith.avonlpc@gmail.com


For all pharmacies providing NHS 111 CPCS, PharmOutcomes pre populates MYS with the completed claims – you need to check they are correct and then submit the claims for payment

Click here for the relevant information from PSNC

  1. How do I claim payment for the provision of the CPCS?
    All payments must be claimed via the MYS application on the NHSBSA website; no paper-based claims process is available for the service. The CPCS IT system (Sonar or PharmOutcomes) will be able to pre-populate claim information in MYS each month (from the start of December 2019 – this first claim will include activity from October and November 2019), so that the contractor then just needs to confirm that the information is correct and submit the claim.
  2. If we don’t agree with the CPCS claim information pre-populated into MYS by PharmOutcomes, what should we do?
    The claim information pre-populated into MYS will be a direct feed from Sonar or PharmOutcomes, based on the consultation information you have entered into whichever system is used in your pharmacy. If the data in MYS does not tally with your expectation, you should first check that all relevant referrals have been correctly processed in Sonar and PharmOutcomes; if a consultation has not been completed within the system, it will not appear in your MYS claim. Any consultations subsequently completed after the month end will appear in the claim created for the subsequent month.
    If the above guidance does not address the discrepancy, you should contact PharmOutcomes, as appropriate.