BNSSG Covid-19 Palliative Care Guidance and Covid-19 related prescribing guidance

BNSSG Palliative Care Community Guidance for Covid-19 patients

There are a number of designated end of life pharmacies in BNSSG – please check their current opening hours on the NHS website.

A list of the pharmacies is available here BNSSG community pharamacies

The guidance below contains a range of resources to help facilitate good symptom control at the end of life.

It also takes into account the fact that there may be shortages of the usually used injectable medications and suggests alternatives that may need to be prescribed.It also acknowledges that in certain patient groups  it may be prudent to use non-injectable options.

A decision flow chart is available here

Community Anticipatory Prescribing Guidance during Covid-19 Pandemic (Just in case packs)

This guidance should be followed for non complex patients i.e.opioid naive who do not have severe symptoms and who are not already on a range of medicines for symptom. control

Prescribing Guidance A is a non injection pack and B is an injection pack. Details are available here

Usual Community Prescribing Guidance  is available here

Community Anticipatory Prescribing Guidance for Complex Patients during Covid-19 Pandemic

This guidance should be followed for complex patients e.g. those who are on regular opioids, have severe symptoms or are on a range of medicines for symptom control. Details are available here

COVID-19 Related Prescribing Guidance

There is general advice on medicines and the Covid-19 virus available here

Local guidelines for pneumonia related to Covid-19 is available here