Delivery Service Information

Volunteer Delivery Drivers

Please note if you work for a company please check with your head office your company’s position on using volunteers before using them.

Please remember the first option is to ask the patient if they have someone who can collect for them.

Pharmacies should consider using volunteers to deliver medicines to patients as this will reduce the amount of contact the pharmacy team is having with patients e.g. one volunteer delivering to 10 patients means you are only seeing one person instead of ten thus reducing the risk of infection. This should also help reduce phone calls asking about deliveries.

For the purpose of this guidance volunteers are broadly split into two groups:

  1. Re-deployed workers where you can satisfy yourself that appropriate checks have been completed, which may, where necessary include DBS checks by their employer.  Also could be familiar with entering the public’s homes to undertake specific tasks
  2. Individuals belonging to a volunteer group who must also be DBS checked – these individuals will be providing their time and support free of charge to individuals through belonging to the volunteer group

Please ensure that you have conducted due diligence if you are going to use either re-deployed workers or volunteers.

Things that a pharmacy should consider prior to engaging with volunteer groups for deliveries

  1. Background check
    1. Identity of the re-deployed public sector worker
      1. It would be reasonable to check for an ID badge
    2. Identity of the volunteer group / individual
  2. DBS checks
    1. The pharmacy should satisfy themselves that the volunteer is either DBS checked or of suitable standing
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Training
    1. There is free training available for delivery drivers which covers storage of medicines in transit, vehicle security, safe delivery and dealing with undelivered medicines. See the RPS for more details (scroll down the page to the table)
  5. Signing delivery SOP
  6. Insurance
    1. Contractors should review their own indemnity arrangements carefully to understand what is included and excluded by their insurer.  In addition, DHSC have confirmed that community pharmacy is covered by the Government’s safety net indemnity provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020.  More information can be found on the PSNC website
  7. Suitability of medicines to be delivered – a conversation with the responsible pharmacist will identify which medicines can be delivered.
    1. Re-deployed or volunteers should not be asked to deliver Sch 2 and 3 CDs

Before providing this information to pharmacies, the LPC have discussed the following with the volunteer groups listed below

Please note this does not remove the requirement for the pharmacy to carry out its own due diligence before using a volunteer group.  The LPC does not take any liability for the services provided by any volunteer group.

  1. ID Check
    1. The LPC will let the organisation know that their drivers would be expected to show their ID badge when presenting to the pharmacy
  2. DBS Check
    1. The LPC has raised with the organisation that pharmacies would expect the driver to be DBS checked by the current employer or have obtained other appropriate employment checks
  3. SOPs
    1. The LPC will let the organisation know that the driver could be required to sign the pharmacies SOP
    2. The driver may also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement or a driver declaration (for an example document, click here)
  4. Training
    1. The LPC will let the organisation know that the driver may be required to undertake a small amount of training if required by the pharmacy
      1. Examples can be found at the RPS (scroll down the page to the table)




Available  Mon – Fri 9am -5pm
Professionals 0300 247 0200 option 2
Public 0300 247 0050
Drivers DBS checked and trained by Virgincare


Bristol City Council helpline for patients (however  pharmacies could use on their behalf)
hot line: 0800 694 0184 M-F 8.30 to 5pm
All drivers have been DBS checked

Bristol Community Transport
Available Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm
Contact- Lily Geraghty
Phone 0117 902 0157
Drivers should be DBS checked – but please conduct due diligence

Lawrence Weston Community Transport
Available – 1 driver 3 mornings per week
Contact – Nigel Barrett
Phone: 07977 599538
Driver should be DBS checked – but please conduct due diligence

North Somerset

Voluntary Action North Somerset (VANS)

Available Mon- Fri 9am -4.30pm

Click here for more information

Drivers available but DBS status not confirmed

Congressbury Carers
Contact – Margaret Leimdorfer
Drivers available but DBS status not confirmed

North Somerset Together
North Somerset’s Council have a website where you can direct people who require help. There is information about volunteer groups in most areas.
For more information click here
No information on DBS checks – please ensure if the pharmacy use volunteers that due diligence has been conducted

Helping People (Weston Area)
Volunteer to deliver prescriptions
Contact: James Willis-Boden
DBS Checked – please conduct due diligence

South Gloucestershire

The Community Hub Bristol & South Glos Website for the public / professionals to access all sorts of support including script delivery.

Signposting to various organisations on the website including DBS checked S Glos Council transport drivers and other voluntary sector organisations.

Click here for more Information

Green Community Travel Ltd
Phone: 01454 228706
Drivers available and should be DBS checked- but please conduct due

South Gloucestershire Council
Availability Mon – Fri 9am- 5pm
Contact – Paul Kelly
Phone: 01454 863 928
Drivers available and should be DBS checked- but please conduct due diligence

South Gloucestershire Community Volunteers
Contact – Maisy Griffiths
Phone: 07944 373 235
Drivers available and should be DBS checked- but please conduct due diligence

Kingswood Community Transport (covering Frenchay to Bitton)
Contact – Mike Vernon
Phone: 0117 961 6016
Drivers available and should be DBS checked- but please conduct due diligence