Pharmacy Mapping

Avon LPC have reviewed all the pharmacies in our area and attempted to “buddy” them with another pharmacy. As you can appreciate there are some obvious pairings  and some that are not as obvious.Sometimes there are more than 2 pharmacies buddied. In some areas the borders eg Bristol and South Gloucestershire are very close so we have paired across them if this is the most sensible decision. We have also added distance and walking times to help you and your patients.
Temporary closures

NHSE&I has also stated that for temporary closures (not closed-door working), for instance where not enough staff are available to work, NHSE&I must be informed immediately. The pharmacy NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS) profile must be updated, as must the NHS Website.

NHSE&I is encouraging cooperation between community pharmacies and GP practices in primary care networks, to deliver the best care, and protect and maximise the capabilities of staff across practices and pharmacies.

NHSE&I also encourages local pharmacies to work to maintain continuity of services in the event of temporary closures through ‘buddy’ arrangements, stating:

Particular thought should be given to patients receiving services such as supervised consumption or monitored dosage systems. Consideration can be given to providing daily doses rather than supervised consumption on an individual patient risk assessed basis.

Bristol- Pharmacy Mapping Covid 19

North Somerset – Pharmacy Mapping Covid 19

South Gloucestershire – Pharmacy Mapping Covid 19

BANES – Pharmacy Mapping Covid 19